• REAL CryptoHorses
    NFT Game

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  • About Us


    REAL Crypto Horses is an upcoming NFT Collection with a unique gambling approach. With 50 hand picked traits we have generated randomly 2.500 horses that are living on the Solana Blockchain.
    Hold the announced traits of a REAL CryptoHorse and be rewarded in NFTs in our weekly draws. Our top gamblers will participate in monthly and annually draws rewarded in SOL.

    Become our Top Gambler

    The Crypto Horses gameplay is one of it's kind. We will host multiple draws every week and winners receive NFTs with new traits which qualify them for the next round. Tokenholders participate in the first 250 draws to get qualified for the next rounds. Weekly draws can be entered with previously announced traits. The secondary marketplace turns into a game.

    Mint your game ticket from our website soon, or buy it on the secondary market.
  • Community

    • Lottery


      Check out our White Paper

    • Gambling


      200 NFTs & 10 SOL every month, ~1.500 SOL for the finals

    • Pool


      50% of minting sales & 100% of royalties will fund the annual draw

  • Roadmap

  • Draws

    For details please read our White Paper

    DRAW ROUND #1 - 25 Weeks

    • 250 draws in total - 5 NFTs per winner
    • Airdropping 1.250 CryptoHorses as ticket for Draw Round #2


    • All 40 winners participate in a draw for 10 SOL at the end of every month

    DRAW ROUND #2 - 25 Weeks

    • 125 draws in total - 5 NFTs per winner
    • Airdropping 625 CryptoHorses as ticket for the Pre-Finals

    Pre-Finals - 1 Week

    • 14 draws in total - 4 NFTs per winner
    • Airdropping 56 CryptoHorses as ticket for the Finals

    Annual Draw - 1 Week

    • 7 draws in total + Final draw for the annual winner
    • Airdropping 7 CryptoHorses as ticket for the Final draw
    • Final draw for the annual winner
  • Team

    We are a dedicated team of developers and artists, here to establish a world wide lottery that is fully decentralized by using the gifts of blockchain- and NFT technology. Join us on Twitterand Discordand stay up to date!


    What are REAL CryptoHorses?

    - REAL CryptoHorses are NFT Tokens with proof of digital ownership & access to an NFT Lottery.

    When can I purchase a REAL CryptoHorse NFTs?

    - Mid December 2021.

    How can I participate in a draw

    - You need to hold at least one CryptoHorse. Winners get automated NFT airdrops to their wallets.

    Can I watch the draws?

    - Yes. We do livestreaming for each draw. Stay tuned on our social media platforms.